McDonald’s Food for Thoughts Survey at [2024]

Have you heard about MCDFoodForThoughts online survey and want to know how to get a free meal? In today’s article, I will explain all the details that will help you understand how to take the Mcdonald’s Food For Thought survey and the qualification criteria to win the rewards. I will also explain the requirements for accessing the survey website and what to do if you need help taking the survey. So, please read the article till the end to clear all your doubts. 

MCD Food For Thoughts is the official customer survey by McDonald’s conducted for recently visited customers to provide honest opinions about overall satisfaction at the MCD store. McDonald’s is a world-renowned restaurant chain famous for its quality food and atmosphere. MCD Food For Thoughts is a great way the customers can express their minds about the store and its facilities. 

After reading this article about the survey, I assure you that you will not need to search for multiple articles to understand different points about the survey. So, let us first learn about the survey and its purpose.

What is Mcdonald’s Food For Thought survey and its purpose?

McDonald’s, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, has to take care of millions of customers to visit the stores regularly. MCD keeps food quality, the restaurant feels, and customer service. Currently, the restaurant chain operates more than 38,000 000 in about 100 countries, and it becomes quite impossible to understand the minds of each customer. So the smartest way to learn about the customer mindset is the Food For Thoughts Mcdonalds.

what is mcdonald's food For Thought survey

By conducting the Mcd Food For Thought customer survey, the company will get information from customers recently visiting the store. The survey contains a series of questions related to the MCD restaurants, such as food quality, cleanliness, the behavior of the staff, timely delivery of food, price of the food, and similar other points. The customers can conveniently sit at home and answer all these questions by remembering their visit. 

Once the customer answers the Mcdonald’s Survey questions, the company will analyze them, find the improvement points, and start implementing the changes. When the customer visits the store next time, he will see that MCD has made the changes and feel happy to be a part of Food For Thought Mcdonald’s online survey. The customer only requires an internet connection and a device like a computer or a smartphone to take the survey. 

From the information explained at this point, you must be clear about the Mcdonald survey and its importance, so now let us talk about the rewards at the end of the survey.

MCDFoodForThoughts Customer Survey Rewards 

Rewards are something that customers must pay attention to, especially if they are lucrative. Mcdonalds Food For Thoughts guest feedback survey offers customers free meal coupons, which they can use on their next visit. It will be a Mcdonald’s 12 digit voucher code which you will get as a reward once you complete the survey.

The 12 digit code will expire, so you have to use it as early as possible otherwise, you want be able to use your the rewards. Please read the following points to understand the exact Mcdonald’s feedback survey rewards. 

  • In the UK, you get One Big Mac, Vegetable Deluxe, Fillet-O-Fish, and, along with it, medium price or a side salad at only £1.99.
  • In Ireland, you will be rewarded €3.90, including One Big Mac, Vegetable Deluxe, One Medium Fries, etc. 

According to the locations, McDonald decides rewards for the customers. So, kindly check what rewards you stand to win at the end of the Mcdonald’s Feedback UK survey. Remember, Mcdonald’s food thoughts survey rewards depend on the company’s decision; therefore, they can change it anytime. The best way to know about rewards is to check your Mcdonald’s receipt.

Survey Requirements

  • As a customer, you need to visit any McDonald’s restaurants in your area and purchase any food items to acquire a Mcdonalds receipt.
  • The receipt you have must include the survey invitation.
  • You need a valid device, such as a smartphone or computer, to connect to the website. Similar devices like tablets or laptops will also work. 
  • The website will function more efficiently if you use an updated browser. 

These were the basic requirements to participate in the online Mcdonalds food thoughts survey. But to qualify, you must also know the rules I have listed in the following point.

Survey Rules 

Mcdonalds Food For Thoughts surveys consider customer qualification criteria, which filter out the participants who can take the survey and those who cannot. The rules change according to the location in the world, but we will talk about Mcdonald’s feedback survey rules. 

  • Mcdonald’s Food For Thought customer satisfaction survey is only for customers from the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • The Mcdonalds Foods for Thoughts survey receipt must be at most 60 days.
  • The acceptable age for participating in the survey is 16 years. 
  • The survey is now only available on the UK website. 
  • There is no option for prize transfer to any third party. 
  • No employees of McDonald’s can participate in the survey along with their family members and closest relatives. 
  • The 12 digit code will expire on a certain date, so make sure you are readymade at the earliest. 
  • There is no option for cash alternatives for the number of rewards.

You can only participate if you comply with all the McDonald Food for Thoughts survey rules. Please refer to the following point to take the Mcd food survey steps.

How to Take Survey?

If you are clear with all the rules, requirements, and basic survey details, you can start taking the Mcdonald’s Survey by following the given steps. Please ensure that you have the purchase received with you before you start answering the questions in the survey. Please read the following steps,

mcdfoodforthoughts survey page
  • First, please open UK to take the Mcds Food For Thoughts survey.
  • If you have a receipt from McDonald’s, tick “yes,” and if not, tick “no.”
  • On the next page, you have to enter a few details to confirm your purchase and proceed to take the MCD Food For Thoughts survey.
  • First, enter your four-digit entry code from the MCD purchase receipt. 
  • After that, check your seat for the date of order and the details in DDMMYY format.
  • Now, you need to enter the time of purchase. You will find it printed onto your MCD receipt. 
  • Then, enter the amount spent in the following box.
  • Click the “Start” button to proceed to take the survey.
  • Start by asking the questions from the Mcdonald’s Food For Thoughts survey page.
  • Please read the questions carefully and remember your visit. Then, begin to answer all the questions.
  • Answer the multiple-choice questions by choosing the right option. 
  • Describe your experience with McDonald’s restaurant in the following descriptive questions.
  • All the questions are compulsory so try your best to attend them. 
  • Once you complete answering the question, you must provide your personal authentication details. 
  • The company will use your personal details to send you the Mcdonald’s 12 digit voucher code which you can print, and a ticket to the restaurant you visit next time.
  • When you show the voucher code, the restaurant will grant you the entitled reward or free food.

Note: While taking the survey, please make sure that you have an active internet connection and give an honest answer to the survey. It would be best if you gave honest feedback relevant to the question.

Contact Details

While taking the MCDFoodForThoughts survey, if you run into some problem that you cannot resolve, you need to rely on contact details which will help you connect with the company officials. Using the given contact information, you can contact the experts who can guide you with your problems.

  • Survey Website:
  • Service Team Number: +44 (0) 370 524 4622
  • McDonald’s UK Website:

Use the provided information to get solutions to your problems.


MCDFoodForThoughts is a very convenient website that helps customers to get their opinions about the company. McDonald’s always tries to private eye its customers and provide them with the highest satisfaction possible. While taking the Food For Thought Mcdonald’s Survey, as a customer, you must ensure that they meet all the rules and requirements. If you meet all the requirements and follow the steps given in this article, you can easily complete the customer survey of Mcdonald’s.

If you want to share your thoughts, suggestions, feedback, or doubts, I am crazy to please use the comment box. Your comments will help me create better articles.


Is Mcdonalds Food For Thoughts survey compulsory to take?

No, customers interested in sharing their opinions or winning any rewards can participate in the survey. You can skip it if you do not have time or interest.

Can I take the Mcdfoodforthoughts survey in the USA?

The Mcd Food For Thoughts website works only in UK and Ireland. So if you live around these areas, you can only participate in the survey.

I made a purchase two months ago. Can I still use its Mcdonald’s receipt code to take the survey?

The Mcdonald’s receipt code is valid for 60 days, and if your code has yet some days to go, you can take the survey. But, if it expires, the code will not be valid.

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