When it comes to McDonald’s, there are hardly a few people who know the name of Ray Croc, who purchased the McDonald’s company and expanded it. Originally Maurice (Mac) and Richard McDonald started the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1940. Back then, it was just a drive-in place that offered several food items for its customers. In 1948, the McDonald brothers decided to revamp and add a new quality to their restaurant to attract customers. They limited the menu and focused on hamburgers, potato chips, pie, and drinks. This efficient model became profitable, and they named it Speedy Service System. The McDonald brothers had included a self-service counter, early-cooked food for hostel delivery, and all at very low prices.

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Because of the huge success of McDonald’s restaurant, the brothers launched the franchise program attracting potential investors to expand the business. Ray Croc, an American salesman, and a businessman, was supplying the appliance about how a small shop can sell so many milkshakes and earn such a huge profit. In 1955, he launched McDonald’s Systems Inc., which later became McDonald’s Corporation, and in 1961, he founded the McDonald’s Brothers company.

After his efforts, McDonald’s spread worldwide, with more than 38,000 official restaurants serving quality food. Ray Croc has been a controversial figure in history because many people admire his efforts to put McDonald’s on the world stage. Others think he has done irregular things, like lying about his age to join the Red Cross Society. However, McDonald’s is committed to providing quality to its customers and becoming one of the most recognizable brands in the world. 

McDonald’s has taken the initiative to ensure customers get the best quality, such as conducting a Mcdonald’s Food For Thoughts survey and reward system. The company offers discount schemes, coupons, promo codes, cashback opportunities, and other popular methods. Mcdonald’s Food For Thoughts is different because it gives the customers the power to tell the company how they feel and what they do not like about the food, company service, cleanliness, and other parameters. 

Many customers want to share their opinion and tell the company about the product and services, but they need help finding an ideal platform. So, Mcdonald’s Food For Thoughts survey initiative becomes an easily accessible way. With the help of any device, such as a PC, smartphone, or tablet, customers can take the survey from anywhere and at any time. Also, the survey takes at most 5 minutes.

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